The tiles of an uplifting experience.

Choose the right foundations for your sound design!

Like in a precious mosaic, all the tiles must be precious. That is why we offer hi-fi components from the best brands on the market.

We accurately chose one by one because from each of them, we found the products that worked perfectly in combination with the others to form the personal 'sound look' of each audiophile.


Bringing Hi-Fi into your living room.


Acoustic, vibrant and harmonic panels designed to create a unique listening experience in all environments. custom projects designed and produced in Italy.


A small Swedish family company believing that music should be enjoyed through pure & natural sound and thinking of amplifiers as musical instruments, rather than tech gadgets.


Eversolo Audio Technology Co.,Ltd (Eversolo Audio) is invested by Zidoo Technology Co.,Ltd. The main business includes audio playback devices, HiFi DAC and amplifiers etc.


Built to exacting standards, our audio furniture minimizes external interference on your audio components and diverts micro-vibrations generated by your electronics. Furthermore, electromagnetic interference between devices is reduced dramatically, leaving only the purest soundstage for natural highs and deep bass notes.


The audiophile network music family.

Luna Cables

An award-winning Canadian audio company with an eye on sustainability and a wide range of high-end cables featuring custom-made Neo-Vintage conductors.

Mola Mola

Mola Mola embodies the idea that once you've removed everything that isn't the music, that what remains is the music.


Melco’s first hi-fi products arrived in 1975, with its digital libraries debuting in 2014. Melco’ s experience has realised the ‘gold standard’ in storage and playback, and the company is trusted by customers all over the world to play cherished music collections without compromise.


Based in the canton of Valais in Switzerland, we produce high performance audio cables for demanding audiophiles.

Playback Designs

Creating and manufacturing the highest performance, highest resolution, jitter free digital playback systems available for the most discerning of listeners.


Excellence in mains purification.

Revival Audio

A new legacy starts here ! From Alsace, France. It is our debut, from almost four decades of “savoir-faire” behind many well-known flagship models among top tier brands.


Roon is the revolutionary music player for true music fanatics.

Solid Tech

Audio support products that allow an audio system to reproduce recorded music in an unhindered way, and to convey the deepest level of high fidelity.


At Soulnote, only listening dominates the determination and improvement of circuit, selection of parts and mechanical construction. This approach is a kind of antithesis against the supremacy of static performance.


A name that means stability and core. A small company from Gdańsk, Poland designing and manufacturing advanced vibration control products for audio systems.


Made in Switzerland, our speakers combine unparalleled expertise and years of research to bring you exceptional sound.


Delivering a truly immersive, soul-stirring music-listening experience to proud owners of our products.

Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering creates high quality, well designed, electronic products for all people who love sound and music.

Trilogy Audio

One of the few British manufacturers of fine audio. Extolling the virtues of both engineering and musical reproduction.


The spirit of Italian craftsmanship and expert design is infused into every Volumio product, meticulously assembled by hand in Florence, Italy


Modern simplicity. This basic but sophisticated piece of furniture will provide freedom to organize and display.

Wattson Audio

Wattson Audio was born of the passion and experience acquired during nearly twenty years by the Swiss company Engineered SA in the musical reproduction field.

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