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Musik Butik was born recently but in reality, it all began almost 35 years ago, when I received my first hi-fi system as a birthday present! An immense joy. From that moment on, it was all a journey, a discovery.

Finally, today, my dream has come true: being able to share it is my greatest satisfaction! To be able to open to others the doors of a home where we can explore the world of music, together, customising the path and the point of arrival. A place where we can experience the two souls of music: the mind and the heart, precision and emotion. Musik Butik is a meeting place for music lovers, whether they are just curious or audiophile experts.

Andrea Galli
“My philosophy and approach are customer to customer: we speak the same language; we are constantly learning. We grow together.

I am Andrea, your tailor of sound”

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